About Renae

It’s kinda weird talking about myself, so here goes.

I’ve decided to step back into the Body Work realm. Several people have asked me, “why don’t you do Body Work anymore or when are you going start helping people with pain and stress again”?

Well, here I am. I’ve decided to start helping all of my AWESOME stressed out fans again  and hopefully meet some new stressed out fans along my journey .

28 Random Renae Things

  1. I love my family to “life”.
  2. I adore Tulsa Oklahoma.
  3. I enjoy a variety of music. 
  4. I love my veggies.
  5. I came from an artistic family and got artsy in me too. 🙂
  6. I am a true small town country gal.
  7. Yes, I drink from a jelly jar on occasion and darn proud of it.
  8. I’m usually a klutz that breaks the nicer drinking glasses. Ooops!
  9. Definitely a home body. Hey, home is work. Always something to do.
  10. I hate washing dishes. I’ll cook but “Son” you gotta wash the dishes. Yes, that’s mommy power.
  11. I love the God of Heaven and Earth with all my heart.
  12. I’ve been a massage therapist working in the City of Tulsa since 2001. Wow!!
  13. My Body Work inspiration came from my mother and step-dad. They massaged me often due to having asthma as a child.
  14. I enjoy helping people and making them smile.
  15. I love to laugh.
  16. I’ve been told I’m too honest and way too nice.
  17.  I enjoy my “me time”.
  18. I enjoy water colors, photography, and reading.
  19. I have won awards for art and photography.
  20. Very proud of my children and soul mate.
  21. Proud to be a Grandmother X 3.
  22. I really hate when people tailgate while driving. “Please be safe” and don’t “text and drive” just wrong!!!
  23. I really enjoy art.
  24. I make my own body butter.
  25. I deal with some sort Fibromyalgia pain everyday.  Yuk!
  26. I’m darn good at what I do. “It’s good to be positive”.
  27. I provide a private, quiet, & soothing atmosphere for massage. So much better than a spa. 
  28. Forgiveness and communication with self and others are 2 important keys to living with peace.


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